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TweetMeme fail

I have an issue they described here:


However, this is what really sucks:

“If you encounter the problem please could you report it in this forum. We need a bit of information to help us, including your Twitter username and the browser you are using.”

I call that BS. As if they don’t have that information available already. My twitter username is sent in the request that fails. Browser sends its UserAgent. Just log it, damn it!

Of course, to report the problem you have to log in to forum, and to log in, you have to create another account. TweetMeme should be a modern web 2.0 website, yet for their forums they use the “username/password” concept from stone age. As if OpenID and all the related technologies do not exists.

Now, I hope all the websites in the world read this and start using some Twitter integration tools that actually work.

Milan Babuškov, 2010-07-18
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