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Final nail in GoogleApps coffin

I have 4 domains using google apps accounts and been mostly using
e-mail on them. Today some of the domains switched to new whatever and
multiple-domain feature started to wreak havoc. I was able to use
multi-account for about a month until today. Even that was a major
PITA as I had to log into accounts in correct order, otherwise you get
the darned “page is redirecting is such way that … whatever”.

Now, I have even funnier stuff happening, I wrote a 4 page long e-mail
and when I try to send it, “my session has (mysteriously) expired”.
Copy/paste the email to a text editor and re-login into google apps.
Well, not so simple as I had to close Firefox completely first.

Another “cool” thing was when I opened my inbox, clicked the first
unread message and voila, “my session expired”. WTF?

Combine that with 100% CPU usage when writing long e-mail messages,
turning € symbol into word EURO, preventing some types of attachments,
and, recently too agressive SPAM filter that eats most of my
mailing-list mail. GMail might be a nice product, but I certainly see
a lot room for improvement.

So, for the time being, Google Apps is dead to me. I’m looking for an
alternative. If I’m unable to find something worthy, I might switch
back to using Thunderbird and setting up my own IMAP (or whatever)
server, or even building Google Apps competitor myself. It doesn’t
have to have all the bells and whistles, but basic stuff must work

17th May of 2011. - Google Apps FAIL

Milan Babuškov, 2011-05-16
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