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Script to SCP changes from git repository to web server

I’m using Git to track source code changes and I host most of my websites on servers where I have SSH access. I never liked ftp much, so I’m using SCP to upload all the files.
One of the main tasks is to upload the source code files that have changed since the last release. To do this, I first use gitk to find the last revision that got uploaded to the server and then diff the changes. For new files and directories, the script also creates them on the server. So, I would use script like this:

source difference.sh 12edf98

where “12edf98” is a version hash from git. Short version of “source” command is dot (.), so this is the same as above:

. difference.sh 12edf98

The difference.sh script creates a script that can be sourced again to actually make it run. So “difference.sh” will show what would be done and “upload.sh” does it. This is the content of “upload.sh”

eval $(source difference.sh $1)

I run it like this:

. upload.sh 12edf98

And here’s the content of difference.sh (watch the line wraps):

echo echo Creating new directories if required ";"
for i in `PAGER=cat git log --reverse --pretty="format:" --name-status HEAD...$1 mysite.com | grep A | cut -c44-1000 | grep / | sed "s5/[^/]*\\$55" | sort | uniq`; do echo echo $i ";"; done
for i in `PAGER=cat git log --reverse --pretty="format:" --name-status HEAD...$1 mysite.com | grep A | cut -c44-1000 | grep / | sed "s5/[^/]*\\$55" | sort | uniq`; do echo ssh mysite.com mkdir --parents /var/www/html/mysite.com/$i ";"; done
echo echo ------------------------------ ";"
for i in `PAGER=cat git log --reverse --pretty="format:" --name-status HEAD...$1 mysite.com | grep -e "[A|M]" | cut -c44-1000 | sort | uniq`; do echo scp mysite.com/$i mysite.com:/var/www/html/mysite.com/$i ";"; done

All the website files are stored in directory called “mysite.com” and scripts are one directory above (same level as mysite.com directory).

I lost a lot of time finding information on the Internet to make all this work, so I hope it will help someone.

Milan Babuškov, 2011-08-11
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