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Google Apps problems

Seems to be a fine day at Google today, perhaps engineers are pulling hair.

This morning, I was looking at a spreadsheet in Google Docs and suddenly some 20 values simply vanished right before my eyes. I wasn't even working anywhere near that part of the sheet. I was inserting new values at bottom and somewhere in top-right corner the values were gone. I tried undo and to scroll around (big sheet) and only when I switched to another sheet and came back the values showed up again. Phew. From now on I'm doing export and download to my computer every time I finish editing.

Few hours later, a new issue. Looking at a spreadsheet I selected Save from the menu. It said that it's ok. I did some changes, clicked Save, got no error but the screen read "Last saved 2 minutes ago". Ok, maybe it's just a minor glitch. 15 minutes later I tried to save again. Once again, no errors, but it still says "saved 17 minutes ago". At this point I was confused whether save is not possible or the message is simply wrong. I exported the document to xls format, checked in OpenOffice and then closed the browser tab.

Three strikes and blog post is out. I just had another issue, now with GMail, so I guess it's time to make all this public. I wrote an e-mail message and it said "Your connection to GMail has expired. Please log in again." Ok, it's not like I haven't seen that one before, but it's been almost a month. I though they had it fixed. I logged out, logged back in and... it still does not allow me to send an e-mail. I can read messages fine, but as soon as I try to post, I get a warning that "Your connection to GMail has expired. Please log in again.".

Oh well, I guess we get as much as we payed for it ;)

Milan Babuškov, 2011-12-01
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