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Using Quicken Home Inventory Manager on 64bit systems [FINALLY]

No, Quicken does not support 64bit Windows 7 yet. And there are no plans to do so. A few months back, GuacoSoft has released a new version of Attic Manager that is able to load data from Quicken directly. You can then export it into csv, excel, whatever OR simply use Attic Manager to manage the inventory.

Initial version of Attic Manager with this support (2.03) was only able to load data from .MDF files. However, a new version (2.50) is out now that supports .QHI files as well. It can load all data from .MDF. For files with .QHI extension, it loads all the data except image thumbnails. However, if you still keep your original images on the disk in same location where they were when you loaded them into QHIM, the Attic Manager will pick them up while importing and create thumbnails automatically. Not only that, but it will store a copy of each image into it's database, so that you never lose it in the future.

So far, this is the only way to extract data from Quicken, and it's really the only Home Inventory program on the market that enables you to transfer all your data before migrating to a new program.

Milan Babuškov, 2011-12-01
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