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What's the conversion on e-mail newsletter with a call-to-action?

I have measured that in the past week. One of my websites has more than 500.000 user accounts. I picked the users who were not on the site in the last week, because they have already seen the news on the site, and got some 384.000+ distinct e-mail addresses. I needed to contact them regarding an important issue about the website. The e-mail was composed like this:


you are reading this mail because you are a member of [mysite link].

Issue explained and link with [call to action]


Your webmaster
[mysite link]

Links where not plain text, but special URLs I used to track the clicks.

I sent the e-mail slowely over a 7 day period. I wanted to track weekends and working days as well.

And here are the stats:

  • 384408 different e-mail addresses
  • 13966 bounced back (3.6% bounce rate)
  • 9345 clicks (yielding 2.5% conversion rate)

Hot spots in the e-mail message:

  • 23% clicks on link in the first sentence
  • 65% clicks on call-to-action
  • 12% clicks on website link in signature

Here are the weekday stats:

  • Monday 13%
  • Tuesday 16%
  • Wednesday 18%
  • Thursday 18%
  • Friday 15%
  • Saturday 9%
  • Sunday 11%
Milan Babuškov, 2011-12-01
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