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GMail ignores Reply-to header [SOLVED]

I have a contact form on my website. People can leave their e-mail, so that I contact them back. I set it up so that e-mail is sent “From“ my e-mail address (general rule: never put user’s e-mail in “From“ field), and Reply-to set to user’s e-mail address.

However, when I click “Reply” in GMail, the reply gets sent to back to me. Looks like some glitch in GMail’s design, and they did not bother to fix it for a long time.

The solution is rather simple, just change the “From“ field to some other address you own (different from GMail account address). For example if your e-mail is office@example.com, you can use support@example.com in the header. After this little change, “Reply-to“ started working properly.

I hope this helps someone.

Milan Babuškov, 2011-12-01
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