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Google multi-account get screwd up again

Looks like guys at Google really have trouble with multi-accounts and sessions. Everything was working fine for months now, but they messed it up again. What does the problem look like:

  • I have 2 google accounts, one @gmail.com and other @mydomain.com
  • I cannot login into @gmail one directly. I have to log into @mydomain and then use the "switch account" feature
  • I cannot bookmark both gmails. Although bookmarks are different, both open @mydomain account
  • Most other google services I use (ex. Analytics) are tied to my @gmail account. I cannot access those at all, unless I log out of everything, clear all the cookies and then log just into @gmail.

My user experience with google is getting worse every day:

  • multi-account login problems
  • google docs become painfully slow when spreadsheets grow 300+ rows (only about 10 columns though)
  • search is polluted with g+ spam, translation offerings, etc.

If someone build free replacements, I would surely give those a shot.

Milan Babuškov, 2011-12-01
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