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Tumblr is broken

Ok, I've finally had it with Tumblr. This blog was hosted there for about a year. Everything was fine at start, but they obviously have some scaling issues. In the past few months, the site simply would not load on first try, but I had to refresh the page each time. I guess visitors coming here simply assumed the site does not work. I doubt anyone bothered to press Reload button.

However, recently it broke completely, backwardcompatible.net is simply not available. I had this blog on blogger, posterous and now tumblr. They all suck for some reason - I explained all of them in previous blog posts.

So, from now on, this blog is written in pure HTML, with a couple of PHP scripts to make the thing maintainable. I don't plan to use a database, which will make it easier to search and version in Git. I'll store pictures in Git repo as well.

Now, I know it looks really ugly at this point. I'll fix the design later - I'm in a middle of another project atm and extracting all the content from Tumblr's servers was enough distraction for today these two four! days. Luckily, API still works, so I was able to wget and then automagically process XML extract. Otherwise, even two four days would not be enough.

Milan Babuškov, 2012-08-10
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