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MySQL pushing bugs under the carpet

I'm using MySQL on some of my web servers. I recently started using node.js and asyncronous queries to MySQL. For this reason, I need to keep a persistent open database connection. Of course, if that was all working properly, I would not be writing here. What bothers me is this, four year old bug, that is officially closed, although it's never fixed:

MySQL Bug #28359: Intermitted lost connection at 'reading authorization packet' errors

If you read the comments, it's easy to conclude that MySQL guys are simply not capable of fixing it, so they decided to ignore it instead. Nice job!

I'm this close to dumping MySQL and never use it again for node.js project. Question is: what to use? I'm afraid that Firebird driver is not really async, and it might be slower compared to MySQL.

Milan Babuškov, 2012-08-18
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