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Google still cannot figure out multi-domain logins

Self-driving cars and all that, but simple stuff does not work. Perhaps wrong engineers are dedicated to this matter. Anyway, I have account at @mydomain.com and I have @gmail.com address. I'm subscribed to some google groups (USENET) with @gmail.com. I receive daily digest of group messages there. When I click the link in this digest e-mail, it redirects me to google groups page, but using my @mydomain.com account. There's a nice dropdown to select the account, but once you do, the context is lost. You would have to navigate to the group page, and then find the related post buried deep in the stack of messages. I tried to click again on the link in e-mail after I switched account, but it reverted to @mydomain after click. I simply gave up in the end.

Milan Babuškov, 2012-08-21
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