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Blank screen on boot HP Pavilion G7 w/ Slackware [SOLVED]

Today I had a task of installing Slackware 13.37 on HP Pavilion G7 notebook. Install went fine. After installing, I rebooted and somewhere in the middle the screen goes black without any clue if boot-up is continuing or not. The fix was rather simple, just add nomodeset to kernel boot options. If you use standard lilo.conf, it might look like this:

append=" nomodeset vt.default_utf8=1"

Easiest way to change the setting is to add the option manually while booting: when Lilo prompt shows up, just type:

Linux nomodeset

When the system boots up, you can edit lilo.conf and then don't forget to reinstall boot loader by just typing:


as root user.

Milan Babuškov, 2012-08-22
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