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Creating multiple sprites from the same image using EaselJS

In the HTML5 game I'm making, I needed to have many identical sprites. At first, I used the generic new Bitmap('path.png') code, but it uses a lot of memory that way. I searched the web and finally asked at CreateJS forums. The answer is simple and easy:

var image = new Image();   // create HTML5 image object
image.src = 'url.png';     // load image from file

// now, just repeat the following for each sprite
var sprite = new Bitmap(image);

BTW, I did search for image class in EaselJS docs, but apparently it is not listed as it is a regular HTML5 type of object. I guess you should still learn HTML5 basics even if you use a wrapper library.

Milan Babuškov, 2013-05-29
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