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UDEV woes - part 1

Today I decided to play with udev and make sure that my multi-card reader automatically detects the device and make it available under /dev/memory_stick. Knowing a little about it, I decided to RTFM. So, I typed “man udev” and it goes:

“udev expects its main configuration file at /etc/udev/udev.conf.
The following variables can be overridden in this file:
The logging priority which can be set to err, info or the corresponding
numerical syslog(3) value.  The default value is err.”

Ok, cool, so I went to /etc/udev, opened the udev.conf file, and it says:

# udev_log - set to “yes” if you want logging, else “no”


…stay tuned… to be continued.

Milan Babuškov, 2007-02-21
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