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Regexxer on Slackware 12.1

It seemed easy. You just need: libsigc++ 2, gtkmm 2, libglademm 2.4.0, gconfmm 2.6.1 and PCRE. Some of those I already had, so I only needed libglademm and gconfmm.

The first one installed without problems: single tarball,

$ configure —prefix=/usr
$ make
# make install


The other one (gconfmm)… well, it turns out you need gconf for that, I did not have it, so hop to the Gnome website.

Done? No, not yet, gconf requires ORBit2, so let go for that one as well.

Now, after running configure, I started make. Since I have dual-core CPU I used make -j2 but it seems I found some bug in make (!?) since it got stuck for 10+ minutes at one single point of compiling, with both CPU cores at 100%. So, I killed it with Ctrl+C and run just make. That went fine and finished in about 2 minutes.

By some magic, I managed to pick the compatible versions, here they are:

  • regexxer-0.9
  • libglademm-2.6.5
  • ORBit2-2.13.3
  • GConf-2.21.90
  • gconfmm-2.24.0

I created Slackware .tgz packages for all this, download is here:



Milan Babuškov, 2008-10-09
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