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Git statistics

Today I was looking for some tool to analyze my Git repository and show some nice statistics. Pie charts and bars would also be nice, but simple tables with stats also do the job. I’m used to seeing many good tools for the same task against CVS and SVN repositories, but Git is still young so my hopes weren’t high.

Google search yields this one:


I used GitStat version 0.5. Now, I am an experienced developer and computer user, but the list of dependencies simply sucks. I mean, such simple tool to need all this is ridiculous:

* PHP 4.3.3 or later
* GD 1.8.x or GD 2.15 or higher
* Mysql 3.x or later
* Perl, Perl-DBD-MySQL, Perl-DBI
* Perl MIME:Lite Module (Lite.pm) copy to …/path_to_gitstat/gstat_pl/lib
* GeSHi( Generic Syntax Highlighter )
* JpGraph 1.21 or JpGraph 2.2(for PHP5)

Both Perl and PHP? Copy stuff around manually? (why isn’t it in the package?)

Ok, I can understand MySQL for caching, but you still need to fetch changes from Git repos, so what’s the point? I bet it doesn’t do deltas and even if it does it probably does not handle rebase. Or maybe someone would prove me wrong. Wouldn’t something like SQLite be more appropriate for a tool like this?

Anyway, this seemed too much hassle and I really didn’t want the stats THAT bad, so I almost gave up… but then I noticed another tool, with a subtle difference in the name. It almost slipped because of that, so I hope authors of either of these two are going to invent some cool name for their project and create a distinction. Anyway, the other tool is named GitStats.


It’s a simple and dead-easy to use Python script. What can I say: It just simply works. The only dependency (beside obious Git and Python) is GNU Plot, which is installed by default on most Linux systems anyway.

It created the stats for my 1.5 years old, 1.5 million line of code repository in about 3 minutes. That was quite fine for me. No pie charts though, but maybe there will be some in future versions.

Milan Babuškov, 2009-02-12
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