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why Blogger engine sucks?

I got so frustrated writing blog entries here sometimes. I don’t get it: Blogger is used by (presumably) millions of users, yet the most basic things don’t work.

Example 1: Characters < and > do not get transformed to &lt; and &gt; when you switch between the HTML and Compose view. This means that and switching can be fatal to the contents. If you have a piece of C or C++ code with dozen #includes - it’s horror.

Example 2: Shortcuts for Italics and Bold just don’t work properly when you backspace. Here, I press Ctrl+b now. Then I delete that word. The indicatior (b letter at top of compose window) shows Bold is on. I press Ctrl+B to turn it off - indicator changes to off, but bold is actually ON. I start typing and bold letters appear.

I hope this reaches someone in Blogger team and they fix these trivial issues (I won’t even mind if they delete this post afterwards when it’s done).

BTW, all this using Firefox 2 and 3 on Linux.

Milan Babuškov, 2009-08-31
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