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CSS is Awesome?

After spending endless hours days trying to get some webdesign at my latest website to work correctly on most browsers using CSS, I finally gave up and decided to use tables for a small part of it. You would suspect that the usual suspect, IE6, is the one to blame, but no. It was Mozilla Firefox 2.x. I couldn’t even find any CSS that would display the way I wanted, even if it would break some other browser. All others would work without a glitch: Firefox 3, IE6, IE7, IE8, Safari, Chrome, Konqueror.

You might say that I should just tell Firefox users to upgrade to Firefox 3. I’d love to do that. However, statistics show that about 5% of visitors are using Firefox 2, and I simply did not want to lose them. So, tables are back until everybody switches to Firefox 3 or above, and then I’ll probably remove them and go back to clean CSS.

Milan Babuškov, 2009-09-24
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