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Online whiteboard

I got this idea about a website with online whiteboard capability. I went googling to find out if there is something good out there before reinventing the wheel. Here are some experiences:


Skribls looks very promising, but it does not deliver. It seems to
have some bugs: I cannot change the color when drawing lines and I
don’t see any tool to erase. Also, I don’t see any way to quickly
clear the board. Maybe the problem is in browser support, I don’t
know. I’m using Firefox 3.5 which is really as standard as you can get


Main drawback is that it requires Java, and if you don’t have it
installed or enabled, it would just sit there with it’s progress bar
running. I thought something was broken with their website after
nothing go loaded in 15 minutes. It turns out Java was disabled in my
browser. They could put a simple detection with “please enable Java”
message. Functionality isn’t great either. Interface is well thought
off, but many things just don’t work right. Drawing a free-hand line
is not as nearly as smooth as in Skribl, so what you really get is a
lot of short straight lines and corners. One big problem is also that
their code runs my CPU at 100% all the time - even when focus is not
on the browser window. Tool for erasing is easily accessible, but it
does not work well - trying to erase a single straight line can take
quite an effort.


So far, a clear winner. It uses Flash, and works very well. Freehand
drawing is pretty good, adding text is as simple as click&type.
Drawing shapes, adding images and files and integrated chat. What more
could one wish for. Also, the price for the features I need (i.e.
free) is hard to beat. I only used it a couple of minutes, but if we
assume there are no serious bugs hidden in it - this looks like The
Real Thing(tm).

Please add a comment if you know of another good online whiteboard
(esp. if it does not use Flash but DHTML - because not all computers
have flash installed).

Milan Babuškov, 2009-10-18
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