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Facebook e-mail problem

Facebook is introducing new layer of privileges for Facebook applications. For getting someone’s e-mail address. If find this to be useful, but it doesn’t look like they prepared this well.

  1. At first all the links in notification e-mail were offline. I guess all application developers went in to read about the changes and servers couldn’t handle the load. Still, main FB service was operational, so it makes one wonder why didn’t they use that powerful infrastructure, at least for static pages like documentation.
  2. I finally managed to read about what needs to be done, and I set up the domain. Of course, there is not example given in their docs, so I assume it is domain like mydomain.com. Anyway, I just received e-mail saying that “We have determined from our logs that you are currently requesting email access, but have not yet configured your email domain”. WTF?
  3. And not just one e-mail… see the screenshot.
Milan Babuškov, 2010-02-15
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