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Google has trouble counting… to 5.

Anyone using Google Analytics, AdSense and even Google search knows there is some kind of fuzzy logic applied to the counting process, especially when sum of all values is not quite mathematically correct. I never wondered much about it because Google runs a lot of data through their system and it could all just be the cloud effect, or even really AI fuzzy logic.

Until, today I tried to access YouTube with Firefox 2, and I got this interesting message. Admitedly, it is a nice way to promote Google Chrome browser, but it also shows that Google has even trouble counting to 5. For those of you not looking at the screenshot: the text says “here are 5 ways to leave your browser”, and shows only 4  browsers listed underneath ;)

Well, maybe this is really a sign of future world domination. The original Pentium I processor also had problem with math, and Intel is #1 in that area today.

Milan Babuškov, 2010-02-18
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