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10 Years of Firebird DBMS

I have been using it since 2002. It’s rock-solid, small-footprint, lean and mean database. And it’s completely free. No dual-licensing crap like MySQL, no crippleware like Microsoft or Oracle Express editions.

Not mention 2MB embedded engine with x-copy deployment (just copy a few DLLs alongside your EXE and you’re good to go). And, without any changes to the applications, it scales to 10 GB databases (largest I tried myself, reportedly, there are much larger ones out there).

Imagine a world where DBMS download is a few megabytes and install is a few seconds…

Well, do not dream, try Firebird and see it for yourself. Once you get used to that, other DBMS will look like bloatware.

Milan Babuškov, 2010-03-14
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